Saturday, January 3, 2009


So I'm spending way too much time on twitter these days, and no one was posting anything new, so I decided to do a search for "chickens." Needless to say, I found oodles of good stuff, the greatest hits of which appear below:

Charlie_Edwards: Brilliant post by GD colleague: Predictions for 2009: we count our chickens before they’re hatched. Literally: (expand)
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StevenWalling: Okay, I keep chickens, but this is the worst sound I've ever heard.

StarBlush: AAFP : the guy who frakked his chickens

zuhl: Update re: vegan thing. Unable to carve out a "bacon exception" for myself. Made offer to "be nicer to chickens" if I can keep leather shoes
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amberlrhea: I'm not feeling good today. I need to feel better. But how, I don't know. We saw chickens at the Oakhurst Comm. Garden and that helped.

stuartchurch: One of our chickens (Margot) has decided that this is a good week to start moulting. I don't think she thought it through properly

caleb_moore: If chickens drove, I would be driving around like a chicken with my head cut off, but they don't, so I'm just driving around a lot.

RobinWedewer: Lost the chickens. Found them way, deep in the woods. We had to have a talk about their reckless behavior.

robwhisonant: @TerriCook Yes be afraid, be very afraid. The smaller they are the meaner they get. Trust not the small chickens. Now I sound like yoda! :)

gnerland: Is it a good omen to wake up on New Year's to find 3 chickens in your backyard?

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uncle daddy said...

You're killing me with this. Chicken love is omnivorous. Is there anything you can't make about chickens?