Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sami at Two Weeks

Has it really been only two weeks? It seems like Sami has always been here. She's quite self-possessed and knows what she wants--especially if what she wants is fresh corn or worms.

In the past couple of days, she's been out twice with Uncle Esme, who seems to be her favorite relative (well, they're not really related, but who's checking?). Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the two together yet, but here are a few to mark the passage of time:

Nice feather shot. See how quickly her tail is coming in?

Still a mama's girl.

Daisy showing off what a stud he is.

Yes on 2, of course

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sami Perches

Up until now, Baby and Sami have been on the bottom of the cage, but tonight they're up on the perch. Another milestone for Sami! (No pics 'cause it's bed time for chickens.)

Sami at One Week

These photos were taken Sunday, 21 September, exactly a week after Sami hatched. You can really see how much a chick changes in a week: Freshly hatched, she was just chick fluff. After a week, wing and tail feathers are already coming in.

Sami at one week
Sami shows off her feathers

Sami with ma and pa
Here's Sami with her family: dad Daisy on the right and mom Baby on the left. (Yeah, it's confusing.)

Sami's First Day

Sami just hatched
Little Sami
Except for her mother (who was a gift from my landlady), Sami is my first non-feral chick. She is, in fact, my first intentional chick. She hatched on 14 September 2008, around noon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Chicken Whisper?

Well, I was gonna do my sabbatical project, in part, by writing about chickens. The sabbatical got cancelled, but the desire to write about chickens did not.

I don't want to write a lot about chickens--just enough to remind me of why I had the idea in the first place.

And I'm hoping this blog will give me a reason to do so. (Meanwhile, a dozen [ha! no pun intended!] other tasks are calling. . . .)