Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Defeat of Denial

Subtle signs were there: the lengthening legs, the increasing amount of white in the feathers, the pitch of the tail, the time Sami jumped Baby in a mating stance (okay, that one's not so subtle). Since Sami's only a couple of months old, I figured I had at least another good month and a half of living in denial (until the crowing would start).

But this morning, among Esme's scratchy announcement, Fleck's high-volume blast, Daisy's in-between call, and Sleepy's weird hen-crow, there it was, unmistakable: Sami was proto-crowing (my term for the sound baby roos make when first learning to crow).

Proto-crowing is indescribable--a hilarious scratch-squeak that you have to laugh at. I tried to get Sami on video with my new camera phone, but he--yes, I said "he"!-- wouldn't cooperate until the moment I shut it off. Well, there will be other opportunities . . . lots of opportunities. . . .

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